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English language in Tripura especially at Gandacherra sub-division, serves a purpose of a link language because with the amalgamation of different castes and creeds and a mixture of their divergent activities, this small sub-division is looking like “a melting spot”. It is only at this sub-division where one can observe a magnanimous presence of all 19 (nineteen ) tribes and non- tribes who are living side by side peacefully for centuries but they had no access to Higher Education till the college was set up in 2011 with its mission and vision to build a good career and to make them overall beneficial to society and the country and also to inculcate the quality education among the students of home and abroad. The College opened its wings, with a handful number of students i, e. only 37 no’s and it is the significance of English Department which helps all the students to communicate and exchange their essential needs and emotions through its language and the English Department of Ganadacherra College has united all the pupils of the Institution ( tribes and non - tribes ) together and thus it has enhanced the communal harmony in the state and country. The lion share of people of this sub-division, depend on Jhum (a cultivation by the tribes on the slope of the hillocks for livelihood) cultivation and their poor financial and educational condition are beyond calculation and it is needles to that 95/=(ninety five) percent pupils are coming to college for learning are actually from the first generation learners and our Department is tackling this challenge with a manipulated hand, giving a special care to the comparatively weaker and economically backward students. However, the learners are quite zealous in their learning and well devoted to their studies and good teachers have given their commitment to impart the best knowledge to the students for making a new capable citizen who will not only the beneficial to the state in near future but also for the country and the world.

Courses Offered:

1)English Foundation (FNDC-1)
2)Elective English (Engg)
3)Alternative English (MIL-Engg.)

Vision of the department

a) To create an ability in among the students so that they can be self-dependent, self-sufficient, and communicate to the national and international arena of all sectors.
b) To facilitate them such a way that they can reach from local to global and find out their career anywhere in the world.
c) To stimulate and unleash the imagination and hidden possibilities of all students through quality education.
d) To empower the critical thinking of students through teaching and inspire them to contribute to the Encyclopaedia.
e) To give the students a sense of themselves as citizens of a larger community by encouraging them to create and contribute for the whole society of the world.
f) To create a liberal education for all students by developing
g) a deepened understanding of language and literacy, by the value of critical reading and effective writing, and richness of literature, both past and present.

Mission of the Department:

The department aims to: -
a) To inculcate the basic knowledge of English language and literature and help them to build knowledge of the content and methods of literary studies.
b) To prepare them for professional courses in future life to set up their career in it.
c)To motivate, encourage, and assists the students in developing their minds to think about their role for contributing in the effective writing.
d) To promote literacy specifically to read, wite, and think critically.
d)To bring out the best in the students enabling them to cope up with today’s global challenges.
e) To induce the spirit of humanism and a responsible citizen. f) P
rovide students with sophisticated writing and tempt them in critical and liberal thinking

Course Outcome (CO)

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Name & Designation Educational Qualification Contact Details

Ratan Sarkar
Assistant Professor
M.A., B.Ed, M.Ed

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