Department of History

Introduction: The department of history started its journey with General course in the year 2011. Major course was introduced in the department in 2012. Now the Department offers three years Degree course as both General and Major.

Vision: Make awareness of Indian heritage and culture; promote patriotism and understanding the society trough the systematic study of past.

Programme Offered: BA (History) and History as an Elective subjects.

Intake Capacity: 25 for BA (History)

Program Specific Outcomes of B.A. History

PSO1:- Finding the political, social, Economic, religious development of Ancient India from Pre-historic time to Early Medieval Period.
PSO2:- Study the changing pattern of Economic, Religious and political status from early medieval time to foundation of Mughal empire.
PSO3:- Trace the regional politics and consolidation and decline of Muighal Empire, development of art and architecture and Emergence of British in India.
PSO4:- Study the expansion and economic policy of British and National movement in India.
PSO5:- Finding the decline of feudalism and growth of Economy in Europe, scientific development and French revolution.
PSO6:- Study the political development in modern Europe to first world war and second world war.
PSO7:- Trace the British interference in North-East India, colonization process, British relation with Tripura and integration of Tripura with the Indian union.
PSO8:- Study the modern South-East and European and American interference in these regions.

Course Objectives (CO)

After completion of the courses the students will have the basic idea of Indian, Modern European and South-East Asian History. They will be able to understand the building, evolving and changing processes of past Societies, Governments, Technologies and Cultures.
CO1:- Have a basic knowledge of Indian History from Pre-Historic time to Early Medieval Period (650 A.D.). Throughout the first semester they will be nurtured to learn about the People, Languages, Economy, Civilizations, Rise of Janapadas and Mahajanapadas, formation of Great empires in ancient India.
CO2:- Throughout this course students will learn Socio-Political, Socio-Cultural and Socio-Economic history of India from Early Medieval time to End of Sultanate period.
CO3:- Understand the consolidation and Breakdown of Mughal Empire and the Expansion and Consolidation of British Empire in India Up to 1818 AD.
CO4:-Get an idea of Colonial rule, popular resistance and Indian National Movement in India.
CO5:-Make a comprehensive study of Emergence of Modern West, decline of feudalism, scientific development leading to industrial revolution in Europe and political development leading to French revolution.
CO6:-Build an idea Modern Europe from 1800 AD to 1939 AD, race for colonization of Asia and Africa, causes and result of First World War and origin of Second World War.
CO7:- Get an idea of modern North-East India, first Anglo-Burmese war to colonization of North-Eastern part of India by British, British relation with the state of Tripura and integration of Tripura to Indian Union.
CO8:-Make a comprehensive study of China and Japan, European expansion and opening of China, rebellion, reform and revolution in China. And make an understanding of opening of Japan, decline of Tokugawa Shogonate, modernization process of Japan and military development in Japan.

Faculty Profile

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Sajal Nama
Assistant Professor

Dipak Kumar Sarkar
Assistant Professor
M.A, Ph. D.

Suman Das
Guest Lecturer

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